Meeting Room / for private business talking

The meeting will focus on security. In our center, about 4 to 8, offers a meeting room to be rented by the hour. Your Business meetings and private meetings, interviews, etc, Please use this place.

Contractor of office rent is until 4 hours, also contractor of virtual office (B/C Plan) is until 4 to 8 hours,available for free use.

Internet access is available

The data projector, the whiteboard, and the Internet (wired /wireless) can be used in the conference room. The net print from PC connected in the room to the copy MFP is also possible.

It is possible to use it as an interview hall.

Because two conference rooms are opposite, you can use it properly for two rooms by borrowing as an waiting room and an interview hall. The guide in this place is also easy, because this center is in a place comprehensible as for a local adoption.

Work Desk / No contract! For deskwork on business trip

No contact! We will offer the desk that can be readily used on time. The area of the desk is comfortably a size in which it can work by expanding the document and a note PC to both sides with 135cmX65cm. A bright desk that faces all seats at the window sides, the OA tap, and the Internet can be used. Copy and network printer can be used.

We have the locker room to keep your luggafe(I will take your big luggage at reception). Also we available offer the write data services to CD-R, DVD-R media.

Price List

Meeting Room A150rmb/hour
(plus tax)
9pm until 9pm only weekdays, 8 persons
(including Internet usage)
Meeting Room B200rmb/hour
(plus tax)
9pm until 9pm only weekdays, 10 persons
(including Internet usage)
Business Lounge250rmb/hour
(plus tax)
9am until 9pm only weekdays, 4 to 12 people
Work Desk20rmb/1hour9am until 9pm only weekdays(including Internet usage)
Data Projector200rmb/1time* Our tenant is free.
Voice Recorder20rmb/1time* Recordings will be copied to CD-R
Copy(monochrome)1rmb/A4/sheet* Only monocrome, 0.5rmb/sheet for
PrintOut1rmb/A4/sheet* Only monochrome, 0.5rmb/sheet for
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