Tips for choosing a venue

1) The clarity of where

When events in the international city Shanghai, you must be guided to the event space, as well as Japanese also the Chinese people and Westerners.
Multimedia Business Center is on the Zhongshan Park Station, located in a very meaningful and convenient transportation. In the past, Japanese and local people could not get lost. If you link office map of our website,then you need not create a map and guide.

2) A sense of the venue's grade

Shanghai Multimedia Park, the central office building in the Changning District.Government and mainstream IT has also held numerous corporate events.On the your seminar day, the 37th floor of this building, the venue will be released as a lounge overlooking the city of Shanghai.

3) The equipment for event

Once if you do seminars and events, as well as personal computers, desks and chairs for participants, microphone, projector, screen, whiteboard, sign board, and LAN cables, power strips, you also need writing instruments and drinking water for number of peoples.

In our Center, We provide seminars desk, projectors, wireless microphones,white board etc, all the equipment for the event invitation.On the day, you have only the data for presentation.Internet line is wired or wireless can be used. If you need the map for guide, please link to the map on our website.


In your seminar you applying for, even if I want to send a handout to the site in advance, please contact.Day seminar will be entrusted with the Center.Also, if you need a map of our site, please use the following link to the page.

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