Secretarial service (no charge)

Zhongshan Park Business Center has been staffed. The front of the resident staff, as your secretary, so you can concentrate on work and care. The cost of these services are included in the rent.

Visitor's Guide and dealing

Our staff receive your visitors at the reception, and by agreement with you, we will guide visitors to your office, or conference room, business lounge. When you are away, we tell you over telephone or e-mail to visit us, we will take a message from visitors to you.

Postal luggage

We will bring your mail to your office. When you are away, by agreement with you, we will give message to you, or will deposit at reception. If your traveling is long time, we will kept your mail and parcel post.

* your luggage transfers are accepted at actual cost.

Acting send and receive faxes

We intercepted a fax to you at the reception, and by arrangement with you, delivered to your office, or also we will transfer to your designated number.

* The actual cost will be sending and receiving faxes.


When you are in business meetings, we serve some drinks, such as tea or coffee.

Restaurant and Hotel Reservation

We search for restaurants and hotels to suit your needs, and introduce or arrange for you. Near Zhongshan Park area, There are so meny international dining restaurant, or restaurant with private rooms, or 4 or 5-star hotel.

Booking your train tickets and arrange flights

According to your schedule, we give the airline price trends, and can be arranged. And also we can arrange train tickets.

Phone cards charge transport

Mobile Phone and transportation cards what low on the balance, we will charge there your specified amount.

Office equipment rental

We have the binders, staples, clips, envelopes, paper reports, and also writing instruments and office equipment available at the reception. And LAN cables, power strips, CD-R or DVD-R media, and rental of also a foliage plant. Please contact us, if you buy cell phones and home appliances such as water heaters and office furniture.

Magazine subscription

The Center stocks some free paper and variety of free magazines. We delivered the latest issue to your office.

Lunch arrangement

Zhongshan Park area is located near many restaurants, but if you are busy, we will order on your behalf. We show you the some restaurant menus that can be delivered, and order on your behalf.

PC Maintenance and Initial preferences

Internet access, e-mail settings, security, network printing began, Skype, Messenger, Please leave software configuration tools such as online storage. When there is a problem with PC, we will maintain.

* for software manufacturers to support the regular version with only your own license.

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